What is One More Line?

ONE MORE LINE is a highly addictive, one button, space disco, skill timing game! Coming to mobiles and tablets in November 2015.

Between the lines

"One More Line is the kind of game anyone can pick up and play"
- Techly
"I'll get 100 today. Silly mistakes have held me back. No more"
- Limmy
"Top 5 games from EB Expo 2014"
"An addictive time-waster perfect for downtime at the office or the daily commute"
- Techly
"SMG has got the formula precisely right. It's a fast, eye-catching game that's mechanically difficult, but the controls are simple and intuitive, so you never feel cheated, only beaten by your inability."

We do lines

SMG Studio is a Sydney based indie games studio. Check out our first game OTTTD, an epic Over The Top Tower Defence game.